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Holmes Students Connect with Buffalo State Student-Athletes

On May 10th, students at Holmes Elementary once again visited Buffalo State for an all-day field trip that coincided with the theme of “Sports Stars and Champions”.

Students began the day in the school’s sports arena, where they were greeted by Benji the Bengal and Coach Roberts. For the next two hours, they rotated through five different stations, which included a tour of the pool, fitness center, and training room, as well as hands-on sports stations run by student-athletes.

They also had the chance to ask the athletes any questions they had about Buffalo State and being a collegiate athlete. The afternoon ended with lunch in the Social Hall and pictures with Benji the Bengal. There was also an all-day scavenger hunt led by Buffalo State teacher candidates that involved students locating things like a college classroom and a student reading.

Students hug Buffalo STate mascot

Holmes and Buffalo State have engaged in a Professional Development Schools (PDS) partnership for the last three years. It’s an idea that started with teaching and learning literacy in the classroom and has evolved into different layers of teamwork and collaboration between the two schools. The partnership has involved several field trips to Buffalo State facilities. You can read more about the partnership here.