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Several Students Chosen to Play in Erie County Music Festivals

Several Ken-Ton musicians at the middle and high school level have been selected to be a part of four different Erie County Music Festivals taking place in the month of March. Below is a list of the musicians and the festivals they either were or will be a part of.

Elementary Erie County Music Festival (March 18th):

Erie County Elementary Band

Kaitlyn Forpahl, Hoover Middle - Clarinet 

Erie County Elementary Orchestra 

Connor O’Donnell, Hoover Middle - cello (alternate)

Erie County Elementary Chorus 

Franklin Middle School: Amelia Borgisi, Channing Todaro, Sydney Torchia, Hailie Vetter-Higgins, Evelyn Cianchetti, Macy Sanfilippo, Mia Palistrant, Abigail Carmichael, Avery Clark, Karissa Curry, Alessandra Collana, and Samantha Starkweather.

Hoover Middle School: Kaitlyn Bender, Tiberius Bolden, Gianna Coheley, Clara Eldridge, Violet Georgakis, Allison Hashey, Fiona Klein, Austin Medina, Connor O'Donnell, Jack O'Donnell, Allie Paluch, Aislinn Reed, and Zoey Sanders 


Junior High North Music Festival (March 11th):

Erie County Junior High Orchestra 

Evey Sciandra, Hoover Middle - Violin

Joseph Riggie, Hoover Middle - Viola

Erie County Junior High Band 

Copeland Baker, Kenmore West - Euphonium

Brian Dehima, Kenmore West - Clarinet

Jeremy Scamacca, Kenmore West - Clarinet

Quinn Lew, Kenmore West - Alto Saxophone 

Erie County Junior High SATB Chorus 

Hoover Middle: Andrew Santoro and Noah Panzarella

Kenmore West: Emily Aronica, Zoe Lesika, Heather Malkiewicz, Sophia Penrose, Maria Reinoso-Zegarra, Ella Roberts, Mattie Stamm, Aja Wittemann, Andrew Digesare, and Drew Heltz

Kenmore East: Liam Doyle

Erie County Junior High SSA Chorus 

Franklin Middle School: Kenadee Wolfanger, Addison Netter, Morgan Tobin, Quinn McCrohan, Cara Eschberger, Makayla Wilkins, Karla Betancourt, and Madelyn Atherton

Hoover Middle School: Quinn Blair-Heim, Lily Ruot, Caroline Rhoney, Samantha Hashey, Andrew Santoro, and Noah Panzarella

Kenmore East: Ariana Curry, Cecilia Gracie, and Reagan Rider

Kenmore West: Ani Klein, Taylor Paluch, and Metta Sagurney


Erie County Jazz Festival (March 18th):

Erie County Vocal Jazz

Kenmore East: Caspian Bara, Eva Eggers, Sriya Natarajan, Nolan Vitko, Jacob Walter, Eric Boczar, and Jonathan Ramsey. Alternates: Madison Cocklin and Jocelyn Toenneissen

Erie County Senior High Jazz Band

Jack Gradzewicz, Kenmore West - Alto Sax

Everette Gianni, Kenmore West - Bari Sax

Alternate: Alex Bauer, Kenmore West

Jonathan Ramsey, Kenmore East - Trombone

Alternate: Abigail Jefferys, Kenmore East - Tenor Saxophone 

Junior High Erie County Jazz Band 

Heather Malkiewicz, Kenmore West - Alto Saxophone

Quinn Lew, Kenmore West - Alto Saxophone

Alistair Gianni, Kenmore West - Bari Saxophone

Kenmore West Alternates: Maranda Ackendorf - Guitar, Stella Dettbarm - Bass

Kenmore East Alternate: Tyler Vitko - Bari Saxophone 


Senior High Erie County Music Festival (March 25th):

Erie County Senior High SATB Chorus

Kenmore East: Madison Cocklin, Megan Heigl, Jacob Walter, and Eric Boczar

Kenmore West: Fox Besch, Paige Goodwin, Isabella Teter, Gabriella Pilat, Owen Wagner, and Jacob Laud

Erie County Senior High Band

Sriya Natarajan, Kenmore East - Flute

Nolan Vitko, Kenmore East - Trumpet

Kenmore East Alternate: Tessa Mihelbergel - Flute 

Vanessa Tarpy, Kenmore West - Clarinet

Erika Droesler, Kenmore West - Clarinet

Adrian Hanner, Kenmore West - Clarinet  

Erie County Senior High Orchestra

Ella Zack, Kenmore West - Violin

Conor Tyree, Kenmore West - String Bass