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Conrad Secures $50,00 in Funding for AEDs and Nutrition Program

On Thursday, September 22nd, the Ken-Ton School District was excited to welcome NYS Assemblyman William Conrad to announce a $50,000 grant for an innovative new initiative that will put our district on the cutting edge of nutrition education.

The district will use the grant money to buy automated external defibrillators and to pilot a nutrition program for student-athletes starting in the 2023 academic year. 

“We are grateful for Assemblyman Conrad’s advocacy on behalf of our students and athletic programs," said Superintendent Sabatino Cimato. "Proper nutrition is the cornerstone of student success on the field and in school."

The nutrition program will use around $40,000 of the secured state funding, so that Ken-Ton teams can pilot a sports nutrition program. This program will bring certified nutritionists into our schools and athletic programs to help students embrace a healthier diet and bolster performance on the field and in the classroom. Healthy foods will also be supplied to athletes before practices.

“Good nutrition powers kids’ learning and athletic pursuits. A hungry student is less able to focus and less likely to continue in the sport of their choosing – and we know that kids who find cocurricular passions tend to do better academically," Banker said. "I’m thrilled that Assemblyman Conrad saw this as a uniquely worthwhile proposal and offered to help us run with it.”

“As a former teacher and coach, I know how much diet can either boost or hinder a young person’s ability to meet the demands of school and sports," Conrad added. "When Banker shared his idea with me, I wanted to find a way to help him bring it to fruition. It’s always a worthy endeavor, to supplement kids’ nutrition, especially if it’s lacking in some way, and to teach them how to fuel their minds and bodies properly."

The other $10,000 will be used to purchase automated external defibrillators, which are used to help those experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. The device delivers an electric shock that restores the heart’s natural rhythm, preventing brain damage and death. According to research from the National Institutes of Health, a combination of CPR and early defibrillation boosts survival rates to 70%.

"We know how invaluable they can be in times of emergency," Conrad said about AEDs. "You simply can’t put a price on a saved life. I’m happy to help the school district accomplish both these goals while easing the cost burden on taxpayers.”