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Big Picture Students Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month began on September 15th and students in our Big Picture Program have created a project that celebrates the diversity among our students.

The project board hangs on the third floor of Kenmore Middle School, home to our Big Picture program, and celebrates Frida Kahlo, a prominent figure in Hispanic culture. Six students worked on the project along with spanish teacher Casey Peglowski and art teacher Jen Leone.

“Jen and I believe this board and project was important to make to celebrate diversity amongst our students and in the world, while also increasing cultural awareness,” Peglowski said. “It was also a wonderful opportunity to explore their creative sides and see how art and culture can connect and impact everyone.”

On the bulletin board you’ll find the face of Frida Kahlo, facts about her life, and how her work impacted the world. It’s also decorated with many different colors and flowers, representing the differences among the Hispanic/Latinx community.

Hispanic Heritage Month runs through October 15th.