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Edison Already Making a Difference Through 'Biblioburro' Effort

Edison Elementary School's ongoing effort to support the Biblioburro Foundation is already making a difference. Thanks to a $1,400 donation from the school, children in a rural community in Colombia recently had the opportunity to participate in a wonderful literacy/cultural event where thousands of food items and other everyday necessities were distributed.

The event was made possible in large part thanks to the Biblioburro Foundation, which Edison is supporting. The Biblioburro Foundation was founded by Luis Soriano Bohorquez, who has devoted his life to traveling to rural communities in Colombia and bringing books to children in those communities. The area where he operates is economically depressed and has been scarred by warfare.

Schools, librarians, and books are in short supply there. Bohorquez travels on his two burros (the Spanish word for donkey) distributing books and other instructional materials throughout the region, hence the name "Biblioburro." He also created the Biblioburro Foundation to improve access to educational programs and materials in some of the most isolated communities in Colombia.

The Edison community has come together to support the work of the Biblioburro Foundation through a variety of activies. You can read more about this initiative here.

These photographs were shared by the event organizers in Colombia:

Biblioburro event

Biblioburro event

Biblioburro event