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Little Free Food Pantry Opens Outside Franklin Complex

Students in front of food pantry
During the COVID-19 pandemic, Carley Panepinto (Special Education Teacher at Franklin Middle School) set out to create a “Little Free Food Pantry” outside the school that families in need could access at any time. She purchased the materials and enlisted the aid of a group of local Eagle Scouts (Ryland Schloerb, his father Don Schloerb, grandfather Don Schloerb Sr. and Dan Dahlke) who volunteered to help build the food pantry which stands along the sidewalk in front of the main entrance. With the help of her students and the Franklin staff, she has collected food items, raised money, and created an indoor stockroom to replenish the outdoor pantry, which is now available for families in the community. Ms. Panepinto is now in the process of creating a school club with her students, Addison Marshall, Isabella Montroy, Makayla Doll, Carter DuVall, Najhe Jones, Rickey Jones and Natalie LeVea, who have all volunteered to continue this work.
Ms. Panepinto and everyone involved in this project are a prime example of the Ken-Ton spirit of giving back and helping those in need in our community!