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Former Bills Linebacker Joins HMS for Morning Announcements

Mark Maddox

Leading up to the January 24 AFC Championship Game between the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs, students at Hoover Middle School had a very special guest at morning announcements: former Bills linebacker Mark Maddox. Maddox played a total of 10 seasons in the NFL and was on the Bills roster from 1991 to 1997.

Every Monday and Friday, Hoover Middle School Physical Education Teacher Lisa Sigel has a regular segment entitled “Weekly Sports Update.” She recently asked Maddox, a friend of hers, if he would give Hoover Middle a shout out as well as show students his own AFC Championship Rings. He came through big time. They also had teachers do a football throw to the “Shout” song to get students pumped up for the big AFC Championship Game. Librarian Jill Dempsey did an amazing job putting the video all together and editing.

You can view it here: