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Hoover Middle Students Create New Recycling Club

Hoover Middle students with giant straw and collection box
Clockwise, from top left, Hoover Middle School sixth graders Emma Watson, Kiley Rooney, Jillian Hanley and Haleyanna Hodges.
Hoover Middle School sixth-grade students Emma Watson, Kiley Rooney, Jillian Hanley and Haleyanna Hodges were inspired by trash they saw littering the landscape and set out to start an Environmental Club at Hoover Middle.
Their first project was “Operation Straw," for which they designed and built a giant straw out of recyclable cardboard to draw attention to a straw collection box placed in the Hoover Middle cafeteria in hopes of promoting awareness of the importance of recycling.
We are so proud of these four students for their dedication and commitment to this important work. The Environmental Club is now up and running under the advisorship of sixth-grade teacher Mrs. Rusinski, and thanks also go out to technology teacher Mr. Novak for supporting their initial work.