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Libraries Provide Access to 'Cameron's Collection'

It’s okay to have bad days, to not feel “fine”, and be less than perfect. When you’re ready to talk — or just want to learn more — you have access to resources that can help. The district’s school libraries are providing community access to Cameron’s Collection as part of the Ken-Ton Forward Social-Emotional Health and Wellness Initiatives.

Created in collaboration with the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation, Cameron’s Collection provides guidance on sensitive issues for students, parents, and teachers. These titles are available remotely 24/7, allowing readers’ access to what they need anytime and on their own devices. Helping our school community cope with everyday stressors and stay in the present moment through mindfulness are the core foundations of this collection.

You can access Cameron’s Collection at or at

Cameron's Collection Flyer

Click here to view/download the file in PDF format