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KW Community Club Party a Tradition of Kindness & Generosity

If there is one event that exemplifies the kindness and generosity of the entire Ken-Ton community, it’s Kenmore West High School’s annual Community Club Holiday Party.

For many, many years, this event has been made possible through the generous support of countless individuals and businesses in the community, the hard work of Kenmore West High School students and staff, and the leadership of advisors Kim Reidell-Maczka, Mary White, and Gary Welgoss. The event brings together families from across the Ken-Ton community for a fun-filled day of crafts, holiday activities, cookie decorating, games, and giving.

The holiday season can be a challenging time for so many families who want nothing more than to provide their children with the best possible holiday experience but may be facing hardship and adversity. The Community Club Holiday Party eases that burden. Families in need receive bags of groceries and daily living necessities while children receive gifts that are donated and wrapped. The event is one that so many families can rely upon for a very special holiday experience, and that so many families in need can rely upon to ease the challenge of providing for their children during the holiday season.

In the weeks leading up to the event, students and staff work hard to collect donations from individuals and businesses in the community and to make all the necessary preparations for the craft stations and games while wrapping presents and decorating as the special day draws near. And finally, when that special day arrives, so many students and staff can be found at Kenmore West to welcome their guests, serve food, facilitate the crafts, activities, and games, and ensure the best possible experience for all.

For years, the Community Club Holiday Party has represented generosity, hope, community, and fellowship. There is perhaps no better example of the kindness and compassion of the Kenmore West High School students and staff and the entire Ken-Ton community. Thank you to all those who have supported this endeavor, and to the students and staff whose hard work makes this special day possible.