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Hoover Middle Students Show Appreciation for Former Teachers


As a reward for working hard to achieve their reading goals, 26 students at Hoover Middle School were given the opportunity to take part in a very special event that celebrated their accomplishments as well as their former teachers who had a major impact on their learning.

 “Since February break, they have been challenged to read 22 books at home and pass the accompanying quiz,” said reading teachers Penny DePasquale and Dawn Wilkinson. “As a reward, students were excited to have a Teacher-Student Reunion to honor and acknowledge how this former teacher helped them get where they are today and share their reading success.”

These 26 students were invited to a special luncheon and were able to invite a former teacher who had helped them prepare for middle school or inspired them in some way to be a better student and person. Students painted signs and decorated the faculty cafeteria for the event.

It was a unique opportunity for the students to show their appreciation for their former teachers, and for the teachers to see how their former students have progressed thanks in large part to their efforts.