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CLASS Students Participate in 1st Local 'Invention Convention'

Update: Two students from the Ken-Ton School District CLASS Program placed at the WNY Invention Convention on May 11. Ava Cavarello from St. Amelia's earned 1st place in Fourth Grade Group A division, and Cora Walker from Franklin Elementary earned 2nd place in the Fourth Grade Group B division.

Fourth-grade students in the Ken-Ton School District CLASS Program participated in their first local Invention Convention with more than 65 different concepts tackling a variety of real-world problems.

Students in the CLASS Program were challenged to develop an idea for a new invention that solves a particular problem. They had to create a poster display about their invention as well as a model. More than 65 displays were judged by district administrators and other personnel on Wednesday, April 10 with a total of 15 finalists selected.

These finalists will move on to the regional WNY Invention Convention which will take place on Saturday, May 11 at the Buffalo Museum of Science.

She said, “I was very impressed with the ideas the students came up with,” said Patti Rosenhahn, one of the district’s Gifted Education Specialists who worked with the fourth-grade students. “I challenged them to think about problems they face on a daily basis and how to solve them, but I also challenged them to consider world-wide problems. I couldn’t be more proud of my students for their range of ideas that came together in presentations for our local event. Whether or not they are recognized at the upcoming regional event, I feel encouraged to know that students in our own district have shown that they have the potential to impact the world in positive ways in the future.”

The CLASS Program (Creative Learning Applied to Special Strengths), also known as the Gifted/Talented or GT Program, provides opportunities for high-ability students from Ken-Ton public and non-public elementary schools to interact with their peers; recognize, develop and utilize their talents; and develop such skills as critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving.

The finalists were:

Edison Elementary:

  • Food Holiday by Callie Torchia
  • Perfect Party Snack by Kaleb Hanief
  • Super U Mic by Arianna Stewart

Franklin Elementary

  • Car Ambulance Signal by Michelle Fernando
  • Pocket Backpack by Rianne Remmes
  • Snowba by Cora Walker

Holmes Elementary

  • Non-Sweat Controller by Brian Dehima

Hoover Elementary

  • Dog Umbrella by Ani Klein
  • No More Laundry by Riley Day

Lindbergh Elementary

  • Poverty Vending Machine by Henry Day
  • 3D Printer Melting Machine by Ruby West
  • Tell-A-Parent by Maddie O'Malley
  • Water Pollution Bot by Alex Enderton

Parochial Schools

  • Backpack Scanner by Ava Cavarello
  • Stress Stereo Speaker by Grace Spillman