From earliest history, shelter has been a basic human need.  In today’s global society, the issues surrounding housing decisions take on added importance.  This course is designed to make students aware of the influence of history, culture, and environment in their housing decisions.  Current environmental issues, such as the role housing design plays in energy conservation, will be examined.  Both exterior and interior design are explored and students will be exposed to the many possible career pathways in housing and design.

    Housing is a basic human need. Changing global demographics have created housing issues that must be satisfied, for individuals and families across the lifespan, through innovative design solutions.  In addition, housing is a personal and family expense.  People who are informed about design and construction are more effective consumers.


    The housing industry is an important component of the economy of New York State, as well as an area that provides many opportunities for entrepreneurship.  This course will help students explore career opportunities in this field and help them develop skills needed for employment.

    Course:  Housing and Environment CORE


    A.  Housing Trends (HT)

    1.       Historical Influences on Architecture

    2.       Environmental and Cultural Influences on Architecture

    3.       Future Housing and Environment Design


    B.  Housing Decisions (HD)

    1.       Community Housing Options

    2.       Influences on Housing Decisions


    C.  Elements of Design (ED)                

    1.       Line

    2.       Color

    3.       Shape, form and space

    4.       Texture

    5.       Lighting


    D.  Principles of Design (PD)

    1.       Proportion and scale

    2.       Balance

    3.       Rhythm

    4.       Emphasis

    5.       Harmony


    E. Design Theory (DT)

    1.       Art Movements and Period Furnishings

    2.       Structural Design

    3.       Decorative Design

    4.       Eclectic Design


    F.  Design and Personal Living (DL)

           1.  Space Needs for Individuals and Families

           2. Space Planning Skills

           3. Selection of Appliances, Furnishings, and Equipment

           4.  Safe and Healthy Living Environments


    G.  Global Housing Concerns and Solutions (GH)

    1.       Universal Home Design

    2.       Environmental Design

    3.       Challenges to Innovation


    H.  Career Pathways in Housing Design (CP)

    1.       Career Paths

    2.       Career Suitability

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