The Betty Lamp
    The Emblem of the Association of Family and Consumer Sciences


    lampThe Betty Lamp is the emblem of both the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences and the New York State Association of Family and Consumer Sciences.

    “The chosen symbol is a small oil-burning lamp of the type often called the Betty Lamp.  In the early days of this country, these little portable Betty Lamps were used by homemakers wherever a bit of light was needed for their housework.  For many centuries a lamp of this design has also been used as a symbol for learning.  It is particularly fitting, therefore, that the Betty lamp should be the emblem of The American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences.”

    “The beam of this Betty Lamp symbolizes:

    • the need for exact knowledge
    • the appreciation of beauty
    • the spirit of joy
    • the power of strength
    • the blessing of fellowship
    • the satisfaction of achievement
    • the value of service
    • the bond of cooperation.”

    NYSAFCS owns a real Betty Lamp.  The lamp resides with the current president.

Last Modified on October 7, 2022