Fred Floss

  • Fred Floss

    My name is Fred Floss, the parent of two graduates of the Ken-Ton schools. I am also a Professor of Economics and Finance at SUNY Buffalo State where I have spent the last 40 years working on education and budgeting issues.  As the former executive director of the Center for Economic Education at Buffalo State I ran the stock market game for K-12 schools across New York State. This has allowed me to talk with superintendents, teachers, students, and families about the needs of our students and communities.

    I have also worked in Albany as the Executive Director of the Fiscal Policy Institute with several groups include the PTA, the Superintendents’ Association and NYSUT to analyze funding for education in New York and to look to ensure a stable long-term solution.  As a school board member, I hope to bring my knowledge of the economics, finance, and public policy issues to bear on these complex and difficult issues facing our schools after COVID.  Working in collaboration with my colleagues on the board, the superintendent, parents, teachers, and homeowners I am sure we can find a balanced approach to adjusting to life after COVID.

    My process has always been to ensure everyone has a voice at the table before decisions are made.  Only when groups feel they have been heard can we work together and ensure our students are given the best experiences.  As a faculty member I work directly with our Ken-Ton graduates during their college careers.  They receive a rigorous education in Ken-Ton which allows them to be successful in college and in the workforce.  We must protect this education while understanding the financial limits homeowners face.  Understanding the importance of a long-term plan which balances all our community’s interests is key to keeping a strong Ken-Ton.