Ken-Ton UFSD COVID-19 Report

  • Below, you will find the total number of COVID-19 cases confirmed by the Erie County Department of Health (ECDOH) for each school/building (students and staff). A case will not be recorded here until confirmation/verification is received from ECDOH. Remember: These numbers will represent any students/staff who test positive to the virus. It does not mean they contracted the virus at school.

    The number of cases will be recorded based on the date they were reported and not the date they were confirmed. For example, if 1 case is reported on September 14th but not confirmed until September 20th, the "9/14/21" column will reflect a "0" until September 20th when the number in the "9/14/21" will then be changed to a "1". Therefore, you can expect these numbers to change over time as confirmation of previously reported cases is received.

    Note: The appearance/format of this chart will change based on the size of your screen.

  • * The "Other" category encompasses other District staff locations including the Administration Building, Buildings & Grounds Building, Transportation Building, and Longfellow Building (Family Support Center).