12/7/20 Update

  • At tomorrow’s Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Sabatino Cimato will announce the Ken-Ton School District’s plan to move forward with COVID-19 testing and resume in-person instruction.

    The District has been planning for multiple scenarios to carry out testing in schools following Gov. Cuomo’s announcement that the testing requirements would be relaxed for schools in Orange and Red Zones. School districts were awaiting the written guidance from the state, which details the requirements schools will need to meet in order to resume in-person attendance. You can find the Superintendent’s most recent update here:

    December 4, 2020 Ken-Ton Weekly Connection

    Late in the day on Friday, December 4, the NYS Department of Health released this written guidance. You can access it here:

    NYSDOH December 4, 2020 Updated Interim Guidance

    At the Board of Education meeting which will take place tomorrow (Tuesday, December 8), Superintendent Cimato will detail what grade levels will reopen and when, how the required COVID-19 testing will take place to meet New York State’s requirements for resuming in-person instruction in an Orange Zone, next steps, and other details.

    The meeting will take place remotely via videoconferencing/YouTube Live and begins at 6:30 p.m. Any member of the public can watch the Board meeting at any point via YouTube Live at www.ktufsd.org/BOElive. Following the meeting, a link to the relevant portion of the meeting recording will be shared in a text/email message to parents/guardians and will be posted to the district website.