Virtual Learning Academy

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    Parents/guardians were given the opportunity to commit to a Virtual Learning Academy for the first 20 weeks of the 2020-21 school year. This would be an opportunity for parents/guardians to choose a 100% remote/online learning option for their children (no in-person attendance). This is a brand new program that is being developed. Below are answers to frequently asked questions regarding this program. Additional information can be found on the FAQ document below.

    Can I still commit my students to the Virtual Learning Academy?

    No. The deadline to commit to the Virtual Learning Academy was Friday, Aug. 14. This deadline was necessary because the program cannot be developed or staffed without knowing how many students would be participating across schools/grade levels and what courses might need to be offered.

    How many commitments has the district received?

    Commitment forms have been submitted for more than 1,700 students.

    Has the district confirmed that it will be able to offer this program?

    The Virtual Learning Academy is a brand new program that is being developed, because many families expressed interest in being able to chose a 100% online/remote option, should in-person attendance be facilitated. Staffing will need to be diverted from regular instruction to educate students in this new program. There are enormous logistical challenges involved in offering such a program simultaneously with our regular model of instruction, but that is what district staff are working toward.

    Will course options such as AP, IB, Honors, or specific electives be offered?

    Many parents/guardians have asked whether specific course options will be available for students participating in the Virtual Learning Academy, such as AP, IB, Honors, etc. It's important to remember that this program would take place simultaneously with our regular model of instruction. Staff will need to be diverted to educate students in this new program. The availability of specific course options is dependent upon the number of students enrolled in the Virtual Learning Academy who would take that course, and the district's ability to staff and schedule those courses. For instance, in a school with 4 classes of 25 students each at a particular grade level, and 25 of those students enrolling in the Virtual Learning Academy, it would be a relatively simple matter to consolidate the remaining 75 students into 3 classes, with 1 teacher diverted to the VLA class. This becomes much more difficult at the secondary level, with the complexities of scheduling and fewer teachers teaching specific courses.

    How does the Virtual Learning Academy compare to the hybrid option?

    If the district were to operate a hybrid model of instruction, students would take part in in-person instruction two days a week (Monday/Tuesday, or Thursday/Friday), and remote learning the remaining three days (with the exception of certain self-contained classes, which would attend school every day in-person attendance is offered). This would apply to all students who are not enrolled in the Virtual Learning Academy, should the district be able to offer such a program. More information about how schools would operate in a hybrid scenario can be found on our Reopening FAQ at

    Is there more information available about the Virtual Learning Academy?

    Additional information about the Virtual Learning Academy has been compiled into the FAQ document below. The district wishes to provide parents/guardians with as much information as possible about this new program that is being developed. However, because this program is still being developed, staff may not be able to answer all questions. All information that is available can be found on this page and the accompanying FAQ document.

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