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  • The Capital Project will address the extensive capital needs of the district's aging school buildings, which are between 60 and 90 years old. This project will be funded primarily through New York State Education Department Building Aid, with additional funding from the district's capital reserve. Through careful fiscal planning, and by prioritizing the needs of our buildings, this project will have little impact on property taxes (only between $17 and $18 per $100,000 of assessed full market value annually).

    Comprehensive planning has taken place to identify areas of need in all schools. Although the district will not be able to address all identified areas of need, this Capital Project will encompass critical maintenance and construction work as well as enhancements that will have the greatest impact upon student life and learning as well as health and safety.

    This project will continue the work that began with the previous two capital projects, the first of which was approved by voters in 2009 and the second of which was approved by voters in 2014. The previous two projects were both completed on time and under budget. These projects were primarily funded through New York State Building Aid and addressed the most pressing needs of our school buildings at the time while also making significant investments in athletics/physical education and auditorium facilities with minimal impact on property taxes.

    Because of the size of the Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda School District, which encompasses nine schools with approximately 6,750 students, and because of the extensive capital needs of the district’s aging school buildings, it is necessary to spread this work over multiple projects. Also, as time passes, new needs and priorities emerge which cannot be addressed through the regular school district budgeting process and general fund. By organizing this work into a voter-approved capital project, these projects are able to be funded primarily through New York State Building Aid, which is a source of funding that would otherwise go to other school districts. It also enables the district to minimize the impact on property taxpayers.

    Proposed Scope of Work:

    The project is expected to encompass the following work if approved:

    • Classroom additions at Hoover, Lindbergh, and Edison Elementary to meet the need for additional classroom space at these three locations
    • Changes to parking and drop-off/pick-up patterns at Edison, Hoover, Kenmore East, and Kenmore West to enhance student safety and alleviate traffic congestion during arrival and dismissal
    • Water pipe replacement to improve water quality at each school
    • Renovations to each school’s single point of entry to maximize safety/security during the school day
    • An artificial turf athletic facility at Kenmore East (similar to the new facility at Kenmore West, which is currently shared between West and East teams) so that each school can have use of its own facility
    • Gymnasium renovations and upgrades at Franklin Middle, Hoover Middle, and Kenmore West for physical education and athletic programs
    • New safer “Baker”-style drains in middle/high school swimming pools
    • Critical maintenance/repair projects such as roof work, resurfacing of parking lots/sidewalks, and renovation work
    • A new adaptive playground which is inclusive to students of all abilities

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