• Kenmore East Parents/Guardians,

    We wish to provide you with an important update on a district-wide initiative to create an added layer of safety and security in all school buildings. All visitors at Kenmore East High School will be required to present a valid government-issued identification such as a driver license at the Door #1 checkpoint before gaining entry while school is in session.

    Your ID will be scanned using an electronic visitor management system known as Raptor, which is used in schools around the country. The Raptor system will create a temporary visitor badge and will screen visitors against the national sex offender registry. The Raptor system will alert staff if an individual is identified as being a registered sex offender or has been prohibited from being on school grounds by the school.

    The visitation process will remain the same as before. As you know, a single point of entry (Door #1) was established in all school buildings earlier this year. Since then, visitors have been required to enter the building at Door #1, use the intercom to gain entry, and then sign in at the Door #1 checkpoint. Door #1 is located at the rear of the building and visitors will continue to enter through Door #1 as before, and visitors will be required to present a valid ID at the Door #1 checkpoint. Visitors will not be permitted to gain access to the school without possessing a valid ID, so it is very important that visitors bring a valid ID each time they intend to visit the school. Also, please be sure that any family members or relatives who intend to visit the school are familiar with our visitor procedures.

    The implementation of the Raptor system is part of a larger district-wide initiative to create an added layer of safety and security for students. Since January, this system has been in place at four pilot schools (Holmes Elementary, Franklin Elementary, Franklin Middle, and Kenmore West) in anticipation of district-wide implementation, and the transition process has been very smooth in these buildings.

    We know this represents a change for families and visitors, and we appreciate your patience and cooperation as we make this change in our school. You can learn more about the Raptor system and the Ken-Ton School District’s new visitor procedures at www.ktufsd.org/visitors. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the school at 874-8402.