• Stephen Bovino, Joanne Cascio and Jill O'Malley

    Joanne Cascio, Edison Elementary School Nurse

    Compassionate, caring and boundless energy are traits which describe our honored staff member, and school nurse, Joanne Cascio. Her fortitude and stamina are only outdone by her positive spirit. With the vigilance of an uber-mom, Joanne ensures that 600+ students and staff of Edison enjoy a combination of physical and emotional health. Her office is the heart of Edison.

    A Poem Dedicated to “Our School Nurse”:

    It would be impossible to say thanks for all you do,

    For all the tasks unnoticed, beyond the kids’ boo-boos.

    A master question asker, “What’s the matter, where’s it hurt?"

    You’re also the distributer of extra jeans, ice-packs and t-shirts.

    You somehow know by looking what kind of rash or chicken pox,

    And who may need a pair of brand new underwear or socks.

    The discernment of what’s real and what is fake,

    Whether it’s a tummy, head or broken-hearted ache.

    What’d you have for breakfast? For lunch? Bad last night or morning start?

    Compassion’s stethoscope detects the beat in every sweet and gentle heart.