• Stephen Bovino, Linda Sternin and Jill O'Malley

    Linda Sternin, Edison Elementary School Speech Pathologist

    Linda Sternin goes above and beyond what is expected for the students at Edison. Her sense of humor, winning smile, and kindness towards the children are evident in everything she does. In addition to her role as speech pathologist, Linda sits on several building committees, including the IST and Kindergarten Screening Teams. Mrs. Sternin is also a tireless and devoted member of the Edison community engagement committee. A humble servant, she often can be found in quiet, behind the scenes roles, making a difference often without public recognition. Most recently Mrs. Sternin initiated the “Links for Love” to bring the ideals of the Educators Totally Committed sleepout for the homeless to our youngest students, while raising $1500 in the past two years. Appearing on local TV to support the cause, she capably represented Edison and the Ken-Ton District, demonstrating the poise and grace that this wonderful educator displays on a daily basis.