• Stephen Bovino, Bettymarie Sullivan, Joseph Lorentz & Jill O'Malley  

    Bettymarie Sullivan & Joseph Lorentz, Kenmore West High School Counselors

    We are very pleased to recognize Bettymarie Sullivan and Joseph Lorentz for our Teacher recognition. Mrs. Sullivan and Mr. Lorentz currently serve as School Counselors and 8th Grade Seminar Advisors at Kenmore West High School. As seminar advisors, they have both worked tirelessly to develop a completely new 8th Grade Seminar program. Their efforts involved researching seminars that are offered in other high schools, writing curriculum, designing engaging student learning experiences, providing instruction, and progress monitoring through a comprehensive pre/post assessment process. Mrs. Sullivan and Mr. Lorentz developed a seminar program that offers our newest students an opportunity to cultivate skills needed to effectively transition from middle school into high school. Seminar also helps students develop the social-emotional, learning, and career skills needed to overcome challenges and be successful in academic and occupational pathways. Our advisors are instrumental to the success of this program and we thank them for their efforts and commitment to this important initiative.