• Stephen Bovino, Peggy Ptak and Jill O'Malley

    Peggy Ptak, Kenmore East High School Senior Library Clerk

    Peggy has taken on many leadership roles at Kenmore East, along with her duties in the Library, as Senior Library Clerk beginning the day she came to Kenmore East from Lindbergh in 2005.
    Mrs. Ptak not only is a constant pleasant supportive presence in the Library but serves on many committees that support the staff and students at Kenmore East. Her charitable contributions to our building are unsurpassed. Her dedication to the people she represents as special area rep for the KTSEA comes from her deep and sincere dedication to always strive for excellence. Peggy takes many staff development classes. These classes add to her knowledge and enrich our students. Peggy is a lifelong learner, she models this to our students and is always available to help and guide. Her work ethic is second to none. Peggy is a Kenmore East graduate, a lifelong resident of Ken-Ton and proud to be employed by the Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda School District for more than fifteen years. Kind and dependable, Peggy is truly an asset at Kenmore East and our district.