• Christy Englert

    Christy Englert, Lindbergh Elementary School Support Staff

    Every great organization has someone who quietly works behind the scenes and makes things happen without many people even knowing. At Lindbergh, this person is Christy Englert. It is close to impossible to write down everything she does, but in fact she does everything. Mrs. Englert works in the attendance office at Lindbergh Elementary on top of serving on several building and district committees. She copies, laminates, tracks attendance, makes books, provides supplies, organizes dismissal, and supports material distribution across the district in the area of elementary math. On top of that, she calms kids who are upset, covers the nurse’s office, runs the Lindy Mart and so much more. Christy comes in early for meetings and dedicates many hours voluntarily to make sure that staff, students and the school are successful. She is the go to person at Lindbergh. Thank you to this very special person!