• Annual Reports


    Beginning this year, schools and departments in the Ken-Ton School District will each provide an annual report which will be available for everyone to read. This is a new initiative intended to give all members of the school district community an opportunity to get a closer look at the work that staff is engaged in on a daily basis.
    All nine schools as well as the departments of Instruction & Student Services, Human Resources, Finance, which encompass all school district operations, have submitted a report for the 2016-17 school year. These reports include general information and overviews about each building and department, a synopsis of work that has taken place, future goals, and challenges. These reports provide a glimpse into not just the progress that is being made and the outstanding work that is taking place throughout the district, but also some of the barriers they are working to overcome in order to achieve their goals and objectives.
    I invite everyone to take a look at these reports, which will be available for viewing and download on the school district website all year. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about your school district and schools.
    Superintendent Stephen Bovino



    Human Resources


    Instruction & Student Services



    Edison Elementary School

    Franklin Elementary School

    Holmes Elementary School

    Hoover Elementary School

    Lindbergh Elementary School

    Franklin Middle School

    Hoover Middle School

    Kenmore East High School

    Kenmore West High School