• Diane Hyzy & Jeanette Yoder

    Diane Hyzy, Franklin Middle School Special Education Teacher & Jeanette Yoder, Franklin Middle School Reading Teacher

    We honor Grade 5 Special Education Teacher Diane Hyzy and Reading Teacher Jeanette Yoder for their tireless commitment to the FMS School Community. When FMS was presented the opportunity to implement WEB, the school immediately identified Diane and Jeanette to serve as WEB Coordinators due to their ability to lead and to engender leadership in students. Most importantly, these fine educators always demonstrate the willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure the success of any initiative that they lead. Both Diane and Jeanette wholeheartedly accepted the challenge to become WEB Coordinators. They sacrificed their own time to spend three days in Ontario to actively participate in intense WEB training sessions. They quickly recruited and organized a legion of 50 student WEB Leaders who they expertly trained to deliver our orientation. Their leadership and dedication led to an outstanding WEB experience for our incoming Grade 5 students.