• Lynn Whitworth

    Lynn Whitworth, Staff Development Center Policy Board Chairperson

    Lynn Whitworth has served as a member and Chairperson of the Kenmore Staff Development Center Policy Board for over 12 years. Those lucky enough to be in her company know that she is a consummate professional who believes in direct communication and cohesiveness in her classroom, with her colleagues and on every committee and initiative she has undertaken during her 29 years in Ken-Ton. Lynn has been that person who makes a difference in the lives of others. The Policy Board and Center are richer for her dedication but, most importantly, her students and the district have been the beneficiaries of her kindness and compassion. Lynn is that person who challenges herself more than her students and works tirelessly to reach every single one of them. She is quick to admit technology has tested her patience but has consistently persevered to adapt as needed. Lynn’s gift to the Staff Center has been her teaching and life lessons. She has repeatedly demonstrated that genuine communication is the best resource regarding building lasting relationships and supporting our students throughout their educations.