• Big Picture Team

    Back row, from left, Interim Superintendent Stephen Bovino, Anne Blenk, Chris Watson, Michael Radosta, Michelle Phillips, Jim Kelleher, Matt Chimera, Christine Koch, and Stacey Pritchard. Front row, from left, Board President Jill O'Malley, Sara Ark, and Karen Pritchard.

    Big Picture Team

    The Big Picture Program is in its 5th year and we are so lucky to have these individuals working in this program. They truly work together like a well-oiled machine ready to help out in whatever capacity is needed. Their passion for students is evident in all of their actions and the students will tell you that Big Picture is like one big family. The staff’s interactions with students are always positive and supportive, constantly reminding the students that we believe in them. Thank you for your continued dedication to our students!