School Team Overview

  • The School Shared Decision Making Teams will consist of the following members:

    • Principal (Chairperson)
    • Additional school-level administrators (e.g. Operations Principals, Assistant Principals)
    • Six or more teachers, at least half identified by the KTA or in a manner prescribed by the KTA and others identified by the Principal; or, the teacher leaders/representatives of departments within a school (e.g. high school department chairs)
    • Parents (1-3) identified by the official parent organization or by the Principal with the approval of the official parent organization
    • Two or more support staff, at least half identified by the KTSEA or in a manner prescribed by the KTSEA and others identified by the Principal
    • One student representative (optional)
    • Community member or local business representative (optional)

    The following are examples of topics that may be addressed by the School SDMTs:

    • Improving educational performance and student support;
    • Analyzing a wide range of information, data and educational research findings;
    • Employing a continuous school improvement process;
    • Monitoring and evaluating any applicable school-wide plans;
    • Promoting parent/teacher involvement and engagement;
    • Improving communication and culture;
    • Other school-related issues as determined by the Team;
    • Recommendations to the District Team for facilitating and improving shared decision making at the school level.

    As chairperson, the Principal drafts an agenda which is approved by the School SDMT at the beginning of each meeting so that members have the opportunity to suggest topics for consideration at future meetings. Minutes are taken at each School SDMT meeting and posted to the school’s SDMT webpage.