District Team Overview

  • The District Shared Decision Making Team consists of the following members:

    • Assistant Superintendent for Instruction and Student Services or designee (chairperson)
    • Kenmore Teachers Association (KTA) President or designee
    • Kenmore-Tonawanda School Employees Association (KTSEA) President or designee
    • Kenmore Administrators Association (KAA) President or designee
    • District Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) President or designee
    • One representative from each SDMT (identified by each SDMT)
    • Additional members, representatives, students and/or community members as determined by the District Team

    As chairperson, the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction & Student Services drafts an agenda which is approved by the District SDMT at the beginning of each meeting so that members have the opportunity to suggest topics for consideration at future meetings. Minutes are taken at each District SDMT meeting and posted to the SDMT website.

    The purpose of the District SDMT is as follows:

    • Monitor and review the shared decision making process at the school level, ensuring that it is effective and taking place with fidelity;
    • Receive feedback and concerns from the SDMTs and general public related to improving shared decision making at the school level;
    • Recommend to the Superintendent and Board of Education changes to enhance shared decision making at the school level;
    • Assist schools with assembling and maintaining active SDMTs;
    • Assist and support the SDMTs in achieving their goals and meeting their requirements;
    • Discuss district-wide matters and make recommendations for the forwarding of individual issues or topics to/recommend the creation of other committees or teams;
    • Complete the Biennial Review of Shared Decision Making for submission to the Board of Education