• Jill Neuhaus & Choral Students

    Kenmore EastChamber Singers, Women’s Choir & Chorale students perform at the Feb. 14 Board meeting under the direction of Choral Director Jill Neuhaus.

    Jill Neuhaus, Kenmore East High School Choral Director

    Kenmore East High School Chamber Singers, Women’s Choir & Chorale Students

    At the Feb. 14 Board meeting, the Kenmore East High School Choral Department was honored to present two selections from their trip to Disney World in December 2016. The singers include students from the Kenmore East Chamber Singers, Women's Choir, and Chorale. After an extensive auditioning process, the singers were chosen to perform with other schools from around the nation. The performers provided sound evidence of the passion for music education that defines Jill Neuhaus. Mrs. Neuhaus has been an integral part of the Kenmore East fine arts community for the past 12 years, where she has shaped one of the premiere vocal programs in the region. She was recognized as the 2016 Western New York Music Educator of the Year, and she has influenced hundreds of aspiring performers over the years. Mrs. Neuhaus has been involved in school musicals, countless concerts and festivals, and the Disney performance. Singing at Disney requires a rigorous screening and audition process, and Mrs. Neuhaus has been happy to represent the Ken-Ton School District on two separate occasions, with hopes of returning again in the near future.

    Students included Jake Aguglia, Connor Alderman, Arianna Basso, Joey Cannizzaro, Emily Davidson, Jordan Ducato, Natalie Elwood, Jessica Fink, Emily Frazier, Alyssa Germano, Lily Hamblen, Tran Hoang, Brittany Hoffman, Erin Hoyle, Tommy John, Nate Kalnitz, Danny Kane, Carly Limina, Katie Manna, Cassie Marcotte, Hallie Marsh, Alyssa Mech, Shannon Mendola, Kyle Michaels, Leah Miller, John O'Connell, Brandi Palmer, Kayley Paluch, Madison Reimer, Grace Rife, Mia Rothenbueger, Alex Russell, Gillian Scozzaro, Rachel Sippel, Miah Sirianni, Ryan Stoll, Ari Tombolesi, Christina Tribo, Emily Walter, and Kelsey Wood.