• Patty Delaney

    Patty Delaney, Kenmore East High School Teacher Aide

    Patty Delaney has been working at Kenmore East for 26 years, not counting the time she spent here as a student! Mrs. Delaney is the monitor in the computer lab, where she works with just about every student in the building on a daily basis. She is universally respected by staff and students alike for her kindness, her professional demeanor, and her love for Kenmore East. Mrs. Delaney also serves as a tech liaison for the building, and she constantly advocates for the ever changing needs of the school. She works as a union representative for the KTSEA, where she represents her constituents with fairness and equity. She claims that coming to school is not just a job, and that Kenmore East is a true part of her life.