• Bruce Zeller

    Bruce Zeller, Technology Services

    Bruce has been with the district since 1988 performing technical guidance with faculty and staff in all departments across the district and as a consultant to a myriad of vendors and hired contractors. He will make time to have conversations with staff on the best locations for equipment and advises on potential issues as well as solutions to help move the district forward. His flexibility to change course on a dime to attend to immediate problems is invaluable. His experience has been built on literally navigating the insides and outsides of building walls, basements, and ceilings to build the base of the technologies in Ken-Ton. The sheer feet of wiring that Bruce has done would probably be able to rewire this district 10 times over. He has literally helped to create the backbone of the infrastructure that we use today to communicate through voice, data and media. We would not be where we are without Bruce Zeller's fidelity to this organization and his incredible work ethic.