• Michael Gailie

    Michael Gailie, Transportation Department Auto Mechanic

    Mike has been an auto mechanic with the Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda School District for the past 15 years. Mike's priority is the maintenance of the school buses to provide the safest transportation for the students of Ken-Ton. Mike and his fellow mechanics have a New York State DOT passing rating of 99.9%. He is among the first to arrive on the coldest, snowiest mornings, starting buses as early as 4:30am. Mike is always ready to respond to any emergency if called upon. He drives a school bus just about every afternoon in addition to his mechanic duties. Children and parents are impressed with his interaction and caring for the students. Mike also has an amazing sense of humor. He brings laughter to us almost every day which is greatly appreciated in our stressful environment. We at Ken-Ton are lucky to have such a dedicated employee!