• Katie Burd

    Katie Burd, Buildings & Grounds Department:

    Katie does an outstanding job with communication. She played a major role in the moving process this past summer. The district was able to cut costs by coordinating the moves along with Cook Moving Services. Katie worked closely with Cook Moving to make sure boxes and furniture were labeled correctly and that items were moved to the proper locations. Scott from Cook Moving even commented on how efficient Katie is. Katie handles all of the Law Enforcement Agencies that utilize Jefferson School for training. She makes sure staff are scheduled to open the building in the morning and lock up when they are done. She assures that the district has the proper insurance documentation on file before any scheduling is completed. Recently, Katie has worked with Sienna Environmental (the Lead Testing Agency) to coordinate the water testing times and locations. She has done a great job with communication between Sienna, Building Heads, John Brucato and Tim Ames. She also handles the two-way radio purchasing and distribution, from gathering quantities to assuring the proper frequencies are installed to distributing to the schools in need. Katie is a great asset to the district and the Buildings & Grounds Department. She is the go-to person for staff and all the other departments within the district. It's a pleasure to work with her now and she will only make the department stronger for the future.