• Sheila Babbitt

    Sheila Babbitt, Lindbergh Elementary School Teacher Aide:

    Mrs. Babbitt started at Lindbergh in 1995. Twenty-one years later, she continues to support students, faculty and programming at Lindbergh Elementary. Mrs. Babbitt starts each day hours before her scheduled start time, hanging bulletin boards, preparing materials and getting ready for students to come through the doors. Mrs. Babbitt volunteers her time in the building during summer breaks to level and sort books, maintains the book room and supports teachers with behind the scenes classroom preparation. She is dedicated to supporting students and teachers at Lindbergh Elementary. Mrs. Babbitt makes students feel valued and important while still holding them accountable for their responsibilities as students. We would like to thank Mrs. Babbitt for her outstanding work and dedication to the students and faculty at Lindbergh Elementary.