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    The Ken-Ton School District is committed to keeping the health, safety and well being of our students a priority.  On this page, you will find helpful links which parents, students, teachers and the community can utilize to keep our children healthy. 
    Check out these Wellness Happenings:   
    Big Apple Crunch  
    During the week of October 25th we celebrate New York State's apple harvest with the Big Apple Crunch!  At around 2pm, all students and staff in the district put aside what they are doing to take a big bite of a locally grown apple.  Mrs. Kim Roll from food services is able to provide, coordinate, and distribute over 8,600 apples district-wide for the crunch!
    District Wellness Week
    Each year we celebrate Wellness Week in March as a way to celebrate living a healthy lifestyle.  In addition to the district-wide theme days, the district is sponsoring many other fun activities as well.  Stay tuned for more information about specific events being offered to celebrate the week as it gets closer.
    Harvest of the Month
        Ken-Ton UFSD's food service promotes a Harvest of the Month that highlights fruits and vegetables that are featured on the monthly lunch menus. Students will learn about the benefits of the foods in school, have an opportunity to try them as a part of the school lunch program, and use the recipe on the back of the lunch calendar to make a fun recipe at home. Click  HERE for the monthly menu.

    September ~ Apples & Corn

    October ~ Broccoli & Cauliflower & Summer Squash 

    November ~ Brussel Sprouts & Butternut Squash

    December ~ Root Vegetables – Beets & Carrots

    January ~ Smoothies - Spinach & Dairy (yogurt)

    February ~ Potatoes & Kale

    March ~ Cabbage & Beans 

    April ~ Celery & Tomatoes

    May ~ Lettuce & Garlic

    Harvest Festivals and Wellness Nights
        Each year a district wide elementary Harvest Festival is held in the Fall and a Wellness night is held in the Spring.  All elementary students and families are invited to attend.  The nights include a variety of activities and games along with taste testings and produce bags for all families.
    Smoothie Bike
           What do you get when you combine exercise, strawberries and yogurt?  Smoothies, of course! Ken-Ton has a smoothie bike available for classes to use to use some muscle and hard work to create healthy and most of all, yummy smoothies! 
    Wellness Policy Update
           The Ken-Ton District Wellness Policy has been updated and was board approved in June 2023.  The nutritional standards we will use for all food items will follow the "Safe Snacks in Schools" rule.  Please click HERE for the Wellness brochure to find out more information on our updates.