• There are many different ways in which the Ken-Ton School District notifies families and the community about school cancellations and delays, informational alerts, and important updates. The manner in which these messages are delivered will always depend on factors such as the circumstances, urgency, and time of day.


    Infinite Campus ShoutPoint/Parent Portal

    Families with children enrolled in the Ken-Ton School District can receive messages via ShoutPoint, which is through the Infinite Campus student management system that is also linked to families’ Parent Portal accounts. You don’t need a Parent Portal account to receive ShoutPoint messages, but families who do have Parent Portal accounts are able to log on and modify their contact information and settings at any time. Families who do not have Parent Portal accounts (such as elementary school families who provide their contact information/preferences to their school) can contact ICportal@ktufsd.org with their student/family information to update their information or to be sure that their most up-to-date information is on file.

    All families can customize their contact settings by choosing how each message is delivered. For instance, you can set up multiple phone numbers to receive Emergency Voice messages, and only one phone number to receive General Notification Voice messages. You can have a mobile phone designated to receive messages in both Voice and Text format (to receive both, you must have both Voice and Text specified for each phone number and each type of message), or you can have your phone designated only to receive one or the other.

    The manner in which messages are distributed will depend on the circumstances, urgency, and time of day. Families are encouraged to have at least one email address on file to receive General Notification messages sent via email. Though ShoutPoint messages may not always be sent as Voice and/or Text messages, they will almost always be sent as Email messages. These will also appear in your Parent Portal inbox.

    Click here for information on how to customize your settings.

    You can view more detailed information at www.ktufsd.org/ParentPortal.


    Website E-Alerts

    Website E-Alerts are available through SchoolWires, the Ken-Ton School District’s website management system. These are for people who are not the parent or guardian of a current Ken-Ton student and thus ineligible to receive ShoutPoint notifications. In the past, these used to be available as both text and email alerts. However, as of June 29, 2016, SchoolWires no longer provides for the dissemination of text messages.

    Click here for more information on Website E-Alerts.


    Social Media

    With thousands of family and community members active on Facebook, the District’s Facebook page has been an effective way of disseminating information to the school district community and general public. You can find the Ken-Ton School District on Facebook as well as Twitter and Instagram @ktufsd.



    Important information will always be posted to the District homepage at www.ktufsd.org and this is usually the best place to go for the most detailed, up-to-date information. The District also regularly shares information with newspapers and television/radio news stations, though the District cannot control whether/how information is published by media outlets. Occasionally, letters may be sent home in students’ backpacks or take-home folders, or mailed home. Finally, families are encouraged to sign up to receive the SchoolGram, the Ken-Ton School District e-newsletter, which is published every 4-6 weeks during the school year and contains general school/District news, information, and updates. You can sign up to receive the SchoolGram in your inbox and view past editions by visiting the SchoolGram page at www.ktufsd.org/schoolgram.


    Frequently Asked Questions:


    What are the different types of ShoutPoint messages and how are they sent to families?

    There are different types of ShoutPoint messages and different ways in which each message is delivered. Settings can be customized for each phone number/email address and each type of message.

    These the are three types of ShoutPoint notifications used by the District:

    • Emergency: Urgent messages such as snow day cancellations
    • General Notification: All non-urgent messages
    • Attendance: When a child is absent from school
    • Note: ShoutPoint also provides settings for Behavior messages, Priority Notification messages, and Teacher messages, but these are not used at this time.

    There are four ways each ShoutPoint message may be distributed:

    • Inbox: Your Parent Portal inbox
    • Email: Your email account
    • Voice: Automated phone messages delivered to your home, work or mobile phone (“robocalls”)
    • Text: Automated text messages delivered to your mobile phone

    The manner in which the message is distributed will depend on the circumstances, urgency and time of day. Only urgent information that families must know right away will be sent as an Emergency message. All non-urgent messages will be sent as a General Notification message. Also, non-urgent messages may only be sent as Text and Email messages, or as Email messages only.

    I didn’t receive a ShoutPoint text/email/phone notification. Why?

    Be sure to confirm that your notification settings are correctly set for each phone number/email address. For instance, if you would like to receive Emergency and General Notification messages as both a Voice message and a Text message on your cell phone, you must have the Emergency and General Notification options selected for both the Voice option and Text option for each phone number. If you only have the Voice option selected, you will only receive Voice messages. If a message is sent out only as a Text and/or Email message, you will not receive this message because you are only set up to receive Voice messages, and in this case, a Voice message was not generated.

    Why not send out a Voice message in every case?

    When information needs to communicated, it is the goal of the Ken-Ton School District to balance the need to disseminate that information as widely and as quickly as possible while also minimizing disruption to families. Generally, during the school day when students are in school and many parents are at work, Voice messages will not be sent unless it is an urgent situation that requires parent action (such as an emergency weather-related dismissal). Voice messages tend to be seen as more intrusive than other types of messages and can sometimes cause undue alarm for parents who might not hear the message and assume their child’s school is trying to contact them for an urgent reason.

    An important message was sent as a General Notification message and not as an Emergency message. Why?

    Once again, when information needs to communicated, it is the goal of the Ken-Ton School District to balance the need to disseminate that information as widely and as quickly as possible while also minimizing disruption to families. The District reserves Emergency messages only for urgent information that families must know right away. Examples may include snow day cancellations, school lockdowns, circumstances that require action on the part of parents (such as emergency weather-related dismissal), or in the event of health/safety situations of an impending or immediate nature. All other messages are sent as a General Notification message. This does not mean that it is not the District’s goal to get that information out to every parent. ShoutPoint is just one way the District disseminates information to families and the community. Other means will be used to disseminate this information. This may include the District website, social media, letters sent home in backpacks/take-home folders, etc.

    How can I adjust my ShoutPoint contact settings?

    This flyer contains information on updating your contact information. You can also find more detailed information here.

    I don’t have a Parent Portal account. How can I customize my notification settings?

    If you do not have a Parent Portal account but wish to confirm/customize your contact settings, email ICportal@ktufsd.org with your student/family information.

    I tried to adjust my contact settings in Parent Portal but my phone number/email address does not show up. How can I update my contact information?

    Click here for information on updating your contact information.

    I can’t access my Parent Portal account. What do I do?

    You can sign in to Parent Portal by visiting www.ktufsd.org/ParentPortal. If you are having trouble accessing your account, please email ICportal@ktufsd.org with your child’s name, your child’s school, and your relationship to your child.

    I don’t have a child enrolled in the Ken-Ton School District. Can I receive phone and/or text messages?

    The Website E-Alert notification system does provide for messages to be sent to anyone who signs up. Unfortunately, at this time, only email messages can be sent.