Previous Megan's Law Notifications

  • Megan's Law Notifications 

    In accordance with the New York State Sex Offender Registration Act, also known as Megan’s Law, law enforcement agencies periodically provide notifications to school districts regarding registered sex offenders who may be residing or intend to reside within the school district. The Ken-Ton School District supports the New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services and law enforcement agencies in their effort to inform the community of the presence of individuals who may present a danger, particularly to children.

    Beginning in 2016, these notifications will be disseminated electronically so that staff and parents may have fast and easy access to Megan’s Law notifications. All staff will be notified by email. A link will be included on the District homepage at Parents can also expect to be alerted via Infinite Campus ShoutPoint (which is tied to parents' Parent Portal accounts) of new Megan’s Law notifications. Parents should be sure their Infinite Campus/ShoutPoint contact settings have enabled them to receive general notifications from the District. Please click here for more information regarding these notifications:

    Notifications are posted below in the same format they are provided by law enforcement agencies. Please contact the applicable law enforcement agency with questions or concerns. Click here to visit the Division of Criminal Justice Services Sex Offender Management site and the New York State Sex Offender Registry: