Community Bulletin Board Flyers
The Ken-Ton School District receives many requests from local organizations to distribute flyers with information on activities and opportunities for students in the community. Like many school districts, Ken-Ton is moving toward a greener, more efficient and effective way of distributing this valuable information to parents in today's digital world.
The Community Bulletin Board has been created to enhance parent and family access to this valuable information, save money and time for local organizations, be more environmentally friendly, and reserve backpacks and take-home folders for critical academic and school information.
All flyers that would have previously been sent home will be housed here throughout the year, accessible from any computer, tablet or smart phone. As new flyers are added to the Community Bulletin Board, updates will be periodically posted to the District's social media pages, which will aid in further promoting the valuable information contained here. Also, schools may still choose at their discretion to provide hard copies to families or make them available or displayed at the school.
Note: The Ken-Ton School District neither sponsors nor endorses the activities or organizations represented in this material. They are being provided only as a community service.
June 2017 Flyers
Kenmore Farmers Market (Posted 6/20/17)
Kenmore Days (Posted 6-7-17)
Kenton Soccer (Posted 6-7-17)
Elementary & Middle Schools: 
Elementary Schools:
Camp Invention (Posted 6-7-17)
Girls Summer Synchro (Posted 6-1-17)
KYC Kids Club (Posted 6-1-17)
Fall Indoor Soccer (Posted 6-1-17)
May 2017 Flyers
Elementary Schools:
YMCA Summer Camp (Posted 5-22-17)
Tennis Lesson (Posted 5-17-17)
KidsPlay Summer Sessions (Posted 5-17-17)
Cub Scouts (Posted 5-12-17)
April 2017 Flyers
Elementary Schools:
Girl Scouts Spring 2017 Pre-Daisy Program - Pre-K only (Posted 4-19-17)
Just for Kicks Soccer Camp (Posted 4-19-17)
Stranger Danger Workshop (Posted 4-18-17)
Summer Track Program (Posted 4-4-17)
Elementary & Middle Schools: 
KAT Football & Cheerleading (Posted 4-27-17)
Buffalo Youth Lacrosse (Posted 4-4-17)
March 2017 Flyers
Middle Schools & High Schools:
Badminton Tournament (Posted 3-16-17)
Elementary Schools:
UB ACES Research Study (Posted 3-28-17)
Cub Scouts & Boy Scouts (Posted 3-9-17)
KenTon Soccer (Posted 3-7-17) 
Camp Special Place (Posted 3-1-17)
Coloring Contest (Posted 3-1-17)
February 2017 Flyers
Elementary Schools:
Chalk Fest (Posted 2-17-17)
Easter Egg Hunt (Posted 2-17-17)
KYC Summer Camp (Posted 2-2-17)
Elementary & Middle Schools:
Middle & High Schools:
Teen Trivia Challenge (Posted 2-2-17)
January 2017 Flyers
Middle & High Schools:
3-on-3 Basketball (01-25-17)
Elementary & Middle Schools:
LEAP Tutoring (1-23-17)
Elementary Schools:
Mite Baseball (1-19-17)
T-Ball (1-19-17)
Indoor Soccer (1-6-17)
December 2016 Flyers:
Elementary Schools:
WinterFest (12-15-16)
High Schools:
November 2016 Flyers:
Elementary & Middle Schools:
Elementary Schools:
Winterfest 2017 (11-15-16)
October 2016 Flyers:
2016 Youth Sports (10-11-16)
Elementary Schools: 
September 2016 Flyers:
Elementary Schools:
Cub Scouts (9-15-16)
Elementary & Middle Schools:
Girl Scouts (9-12-16)
August 2016 Flyers:
Elementary Schools:
Skating Lessons (8-15-16) 
2016-17 Hockey (8-12-16)
Elementary & Middle Schools:
LEAP Tutoring (8-12-16)