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    The Ken-Ton School District is pleased to announce that all parents can now sign up for My Stop, which will allow them to securely view the location of their child’s school bus in real time and the estimated time of arrival at the bus stop. The tool is available both as a mobile and web-based app using GPS devices now installed on all Ken-Ton School District buses. Parents will be able to access this information using a computer, smart phone, tablet, or other mobile device.

    What My Stop Will Show You:

    For each child, My Stop will show you a map highlighting the school bus route and the current location of the bus on that route. It will also display the estimated time of arrival at the bus stop. The information will be updated approximately once every 30-60 seconds.

    How to Sign Up for My Stop:

    Simply download the Versatrans My Stop app on iTunes or Google Play. To access the web-based version, you can also click the My Stop button on the District homepage at www.ktufsd.org or click the following link:


    If prompted, choose the Ken-Ton School District. Sign in by using any of your children’s 9-digit student ID number as both the username and password. When you log into My Stop, you will be able to choose any of your children and you can log in using any of your children’s student ID number.

    How to Find the Student ID Number:

    Your child’s 9-digit student ID number is the same number you would have used if you set up a MySchoolBucks account. You can find the student ID number on any of your child’s past report cards. If you have a Parent Portal account, you can view past report cards there. If you have trouble finding your student ID number, you can contact your child’s school. Parents of students enrolled in non-public or charter schools can contact the Transportation Department at 874-8611.

    If You Encounter an Issue With My Stop:

    Error messages sometimes occur when using Chrome as your internet browser. If this happens, try logging on using another browser. If you are experiencing other problems with My Stop, please contact the Transportation Department at 874-8611.

    Additional Information About My Stop:

    • Currently, My Stop is only available for regular school bus routes, not field trips, athletic runs, etc. It is also not currently available on half-days or early dismissals though the Transportation Department is working with the service provider to see if this is a possibility.
    • If an alternate bus is being used in place of your regular school bus, it will display the alternate bus with the different bus number displayed.
    • The Transportation Department is currently exploring the ability to use push notifications so that parents of children on individual bus routes can be notified quickly and directly in the event of a delay.
    • In addition to providing this service for parents, the system that has been installed on all District school buses also provides the District with real-time maintenance information on the vehicle. This will help the Transportation Department anticipate problems before they occur which will help minimize the risk of breakdowns.