• Health Office Staff: Jennifer Cudzilo
    Phone: (716) 874-8405, option 2
    Fax: (716) 874-8470

    The health office is open to students, parents, and staff every Monday through Friday from 7:45 A.M. until 3:15 P.M. during the regular school year.

    A variety of health services are offered to the Hoover Middle school students.  Please note that the school nurse cannot  serve as a substitute for the family doctor.  Therefore, a child who is ill or sustained an injury at home should not be sent to school for the school nurse to determine if the child is well enough to be in school.  The family doctor should be consulted first.  

    Any deviations from normal of any school health screenings will receive a follow up call or referral letter from the Health Office.

    First aid and care for children who get ill during the school day are provided. You will be notified if there is need to take your child for any follow up medical care, or to be taken home for the day due to illness or injury.

    Please keep all emergency contact information current and on file in the school health office. It is of extreme importance that you fill in all of the requested information and update the information as changes occur.
    Please send in a complete change of clothing for your child to keep in his/her locker. Include underwear and outer wear to be used in case of emergency, or need for a change during the school day.
    ****Requirements for the 2019-20 school year: 
    • New York State requires all incoming 5th and 7th grade students to have a physical exam.  Forms with information about this will be sent home in May to the addresses on file for your child. Please contact the Hoover Middle School Health office or see the HEALTH OFFICE web pages if you have questions.
    • **Required for all 7th graders for the 2019-20 school year: All 7th graders in the Fall 2019, will need to receive a meningitis vaccine.  Please contact your health care provider to see if your child has had this, or if you need to make an appointment to receive one. Proof of this vaccine will be required for entry into 7th grade in September 2019. Further information can be found here: //www.health.ny.gov/diseases/communicable/meningococcal/
    REMINDER ABOUT MEDICATIONS:  Any medications needed during the school day MUST be taken to the nurse. Please DO NOT send medications in with your child or drop them off in the Main Office.  Physician orders need to be verified and parental signatures may be needed on medication forms.   


    Please refer to the following websites, which may be of interest to you:
    General Guidelines for Keeping Children Home from School Due to Illness (from Erie County Department of Health):
    www.211wny.org or you can dial 2 1 1 or 851-5555 24 hours a day/7 days a week
    is a website which will give you information on many community agencies servicing western new york residence.

    www.health.state.ny.us information on immunization requirements for school entrance and child health plus (health insurance, etc.)

    Poison help/poison control: 1-800-222-1222 is the National toll free hotline #. www.poison.org
    www.pediculosis.com for information on Head lice
    For updates & guidance related to medical conditions, go to: www.cdc.gov 


Last Modified on September 16, 2019