• Modified and High School Sports Information:
    Any 7th grade student academically eligible may sign up for modified and high school sports.
    Each student must have a current physical exam on file in the school health office. The physical exam must be dated no more than one year prior to the month the sport starts.
    The physical exam may be completed by your private health care provider or by the school nurse practitioner.  For each sport, an update form must be filled out & signed by the parent/guardian and submitted to the Health Office prior to try outs. If a middle school student tries out for a high school sport, he/she will have to go for an athletic placement process (APP) test, along with providing a current physical.  Dates, times, & location of the APP test can be found on the district website under "Athletics".
    Please click on this link for sports forms: https://www.ktufsd.org/Page/442
Last Modified on April 7, 2016