Sing! Play! Perform!
     chorus, orchestra, and band rehearsals:
                           9/17- 9/21
    9/17   Even day     6th chorus- full/ 6th band- part
                           7th orchestra-full/ 7th chorus- part
    9/18   Odd day      6th chorus part/ 6th orchestra-full
                            7th chorus-full/ 7th band- part
    9/19   Even day      6th chorus part/ 6th band-full
                            7th chorus- full/ 7th orchestra- part
    9/20   Odd day      no 6th grade rehearsals today- anti-bullying guest speaker
                            7th band-full/ 7th chorus- part
    9/21    Even day    6th chorus full/ 6th band- part
                            7th chorus part/ 7th orchestra full
    Ms. Welfare                                                                       
    General music 5-7/ 6th Grade chorus/ 7th Grade Chorus/ Glee Choir/ Musical            
    Miss Cartwright 
    6th Grade Orchestra/ 7th Grade Orchestra/ String ensemble/ Grade 6 & 7 string lessons/ Musical/ Talent Show     
    Mrs. Kwitowski 
    6th Grade Band/ 7th Grade Band/ Jazz Band/ Grade 6 & 7 instrumental lessons
    Mrs. Moore 
    5th Grade Band/ Grade 5 instrumental lessons   
    Miss Hill
    5th grade chorus/ 5-7 general music/ Musical
    Mrs. Odrobina
    5th grade orchestra/ 5th Grade string lessons/ Hoover El. 4th Grade Orchestra and string lessons 
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