Hello families! Please check here frequently for updated info on assignments and suggested resources!
    We encourage all of our performing students to continue practicing their music! 
    Practice tracks are now available on the Glee, 6th grade chorus, and 7th grade chorus pages. All singers have also been invited to join a google classroom where they can access the practice tracks and work on suggested assignments!
    Please contact us with any questions!
    A reminder that our email addresses are a great way to communicate with us. If you are not receiving emails at all, and would like information that way, please send us your current email/gmail address.
    Below is a list of the music teachers and our chosen methods of sharing information, expectations, and assignments during our mandatory shut down:
    Ms. Welfare         email/ google classroom/website/ FlipGrid
    Mrs. Kwitowski    email/ FlipGrid/ Clever
    Miss Cartwright   email/ FlipGrid/ Clever
    Mrs. Moore         email
    Miss Hill              email/ FlipGrid
    Mr. Loweecey      email
    Ms. Welfare  room 240                                                                      
    General music 5-7/ 6th Grade chorus/ 7th Grade Chorus/ Glee Choir/ Musical                 
    Miss Cartwright  room 103
    6th Grade Orchestra/ 7th Grade Orchestra/ String ensemble/ Grade 6 & 7 string lessons/ Musical/ Talent Show     
    Mrs. Kwitowski  room 100
    6th Grade Band/ 7th Grade Band/ Jazz Band/ Grade 6 & 7 instrumental lessons
    Mrs. Moore   room 101
    5th Grade Band/ Grade 5 instrumental lessons   
    Miss Hill   room 246
    5th grade orchestra/ Musical
    Mr. Loweecey      room 244
    5th grade chorus/ 5-7 general music
Last Modified on March 24, 2020