The following procedure needs to be followed if your child should need medication in school:
    • Medications must be transported to and from school by the parent/guardian(or other adult designee).  
    • Medications must be taken to the nurse's office, so that orders can be reviewed & parental signatures obtained.  Please DO NOT send any medications in with your child or drop them off in the Main Office. 
    • Medication orders must be renewed each school year.  Previous school year's orders for any medication will not be accepted.
    • Medications must have a physician order and a note from the parent giving permission to give the medication to your child. This also includes over- the-counter medications such as Tylenol, Ibuprofen, and cough drops.  
    • Inhalers for asthma, and Epi-pens for allergies may be carried by your child with a written order from the physician and a note of permission to self-carry by the parent.  It is advised that you keep an extra inhaler or Epi-pen in the Health Office for use if it is forgotten at home by your child.
    ***All medications, including those to treat a life-threatening health condition (i.e. Epi-pen, insulin, glucagon), should have the appropriate medical paperwork on file in the Health Office. The health and safety of our students is taken very seriously, and we appreciate your cooperation with this matter.
    At the end of each school year, notices will be sent home in June, reminding parents/guardians that medications & supplies need to be picked up. Any medications not picked up at the end of a school year, must be disposed of per New York State Education Department and the Department of  Environmental Conservation regulations.  NO MEDICATIONS WILL BE KEPT FROM SCHOOL YEAR TO SCHOOL YEAR. 
    Please click on this link for medication form: https://www.ktufsd.org/Page/443
Last Modified on April 30, 2018