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    Ms. Siegel             Mr. Mermigas
    Mr. Bennett (APE)     Mrs. Bennett (APE)
        Students in grades 5-7 have regularly scheduled physical education classes every other day. AllMr students are required to attend courses of instruction in physical education. 
            For physical education classes, all students are required to bring a change of clothes. Students must provide t-shirt, sweat shirt, towel, shorts, swim suit, sneakers and a lock. All items should be labeled. A change into physical education clothes is a requirement. 
        The objectives of middle school physical education build on the skills and techniques learned at the elementary level. Students at the middle school will experience a variety of team and individual sports, fitness and wellness principles, and challenge activities. 
        Students are encouraged to participate in the intramural and extramural sports (grades 5-7) and modified sports (7&8 grade).  All of these programs are extensions of the basic physical education program.