Mrs. McCartney
    Mrs. Indridson 
    Miss Nightingale
        Art in the middle school offers all students unique and valuable experiences especially appropriate at this transitional stage of their development. The Artistic skills required for satisfying achievement in art are developed and the critical skills involved in appreciating art are introduced. Self-expression is stressed in the program, promoting the confidence and positive self-image needed at this age.
        Art classes with an art teacher are provided for every student. A district curriculum guide provides objectives, content, and teaching approaches; and art teachers have the flexibility to vary programs to best meet the needs of individual students. Specifically the program includes:
    • A workshop environment for creative studio experiences in a wide variety of two- and three-dimensional media to develop artistic skills and sensitivity.
    • Informational and appreciation type activities to complement the studio work and develop critical skills.
    • Additional enrichment options - art clubs, individual projects, competitions and special out-of-class assistance from the art teachers for talented students.
    • Help for students continuing the study of art in the senior high school as well as some investigating for career options in the arts.