Modified Sports

  • The Modified Sports Program is designed for middle school athletes with the following goals in mind:

    • Student-athletes should be able to explore and expand interests and abilities.
    • Coaches should maximize opportunities for all students to participate.
    • A major focus of teaching and time commitment should concentrate on basic fundamentals of the activity. Emphasis is on skill building and team concepts.
    • Varsity athletes should be utilized in demonstrations and clinics initiated by the high school coaching staff.

    Middle school athletes may choose to try out for junior varsity- or varsity-level teams, provided they pass the New York State Selection Classification Test. If a middle school athlete competes at the varsity or JV level, she or he may not later compete in that same sport at the modified level.

    The following modified sports are offered at Franklin Middle School and Hoover Middle School (if the team maintains a website, you can get to it by clicking on the name of the sport):


    • Football
    • Boys Soccer
    • Girls Soccer
    • Girls Volleyball
    • Boys Volleyball


    • Boys Basketball
    • Girls Basketball
    • Wrestling
    • Co-Ed Swimming