April 23


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    Thursday, April 22

    Day 2


    The Pledge of Allegiance


    It's time for Star Spangled Friday! 

    The words to our national anthem, or "The Star Spangled Banner", were written by Francis Scott Key, a gifted amateur poet. He was inspired to write this poem when he saw  the American flag flying over Fort McHenry on September 14. 1814. The fort had endured a 20 hour bombardment of shells and rockets from British warships.  Key originally named his poem "Defence of Fort M'Henry". Today, our national anthem is performed by 7th grader Josephine Sturmer. 


    Today’s lunch is chicken fingers.


    Earth Day is this Thursday, April 22.  There are simple changes you can make to help keep our earth healthy. Today’s tip: Use a reusable lunch bag!  Plastic bags  often end up where we don’t want them, like in our rivers and in the ocean, where they pollute the water and harm marine life. Instead of putting your lunch in a single-use plastic bag, upgrade to a reusable lunchbox!


    The PTA is selling hoodies and t-shirts.  The design features 7th grader Connor Rudniski’s contest-winning design and can be ordered from the Nickel City Shirt Co. here:  https://hoovermiddle2021.itemorder.com/sale


    T-shirts are $12.95 and hoodies are $24.95.  Orders must be placed by May 9.  

    Today is the last day to order the 2021 edition of the Hoover Middle Yearbook!  This year's edition is 32 pages and will cost $12.00.


    To order go to www.inter-state.com/yearbook and enter this code:  57211Z.  For Grade Level please list one of the student's team teachers. Yearbooks will be distributed in June.


    Have a great weekend!

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