Wednesday, September 18

  • DAY 4

    Thank you to all who attended last night’s Open House!

    Don’t forget to pick up your permission slip for musical auditions!  Com try out for this year’s show, “Beauty & The Beast!” on Sept. 30 after school.  See Ms. Hill, Ms. Welfare, or Ms. Cartwright for a permission slip to audition.  

    The Scholastic Book Fair is here today and tomorrow during school.  Students will have the opportunity to shop during their scheduled class time.

    Today’s lunch is taco deluxe.

    Students, please make sure you are observing proper bathroom etiquette.  This means flushing, washing your hands, and throwing paper towels and other garbage in the trash can instead of on the floor.  Please keep our bathrooms clean and observe proper sanitary procedures!  Thank you.

    Ms.. Moore's 5th grade band lesson groups:  
    The 8:25 lesson group should come at 1:00 today.  The 9:00 lesson group should come at 2:20.  If you have question, stop by Room 100 ASAP!
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